Have you ever watched old Canadian lumberjack competitions? Many years have passed since those times, however, many of them still wear plaid shirts, jeans and love having beards. Their style became classic for real men long time ago, and we know everything about dangerous razors, men's haircuts and lumberjacks. Thus, we share a common love with them.


That’s exactly why our barber house is called Lumberjack.

Ideal place

It is not a secret that every man dreams about a place, where he can hide from everything and everyone for awhile and just enjoy ordinary men’s values. In our barber house you are able to arrange your thoughts, have a haircut and beard trim, as well as drink whisky in the atmosphere of legendary Canadian lumberjacks. Also, you can find new hobby and buy few stylish things here. All this makes Lumberjack the ideal place for real men.

Visit us, and you will find out what the freedom to simply be yourself feels like!


Club card

The image and lifestyle of a modern man requires attention and daily care, so we have come up with a solution that will make you forget of a razor in your hand.

Don’t reject the delight, play your card right and purchase our Club Cards to keep up your perfect image.