Create And Renew the Trends of Men’s Haircuts

Every little boy dreams to become an adult very fast, that’s not a big secret. Subconsciously children copy their parents’ lifestyle and behavior. So let’s direct this imitation to the right way, let’s engraft them the right habits that are related to a healthy lifestyle and quality care of themself from an early age?

Isn’t it boring to get a haircut in children’s hairdresser while watching an old dull cartoon? Such a fabulous thing to do is to visit a cool men’s club with a brutal and masculine atmosphere accompanying your dad. You won’t be bothered by a strange woman with scissors there. In a barbershop you will have a great ultra fashionable adult haircut in best traditions.

A children’s haircut for a boy is more than just cutting hair with a trimmer for us. It’s a special philosophy. There are no doubts that you will get a qualitative hairdress no matter if you are a child or an adult.

Every barber in our barbershop will easily do any modern and fashionable hairstyle for your child and will debunk a stereotype that the hairdressers for kids are dull.

If you still doubt where to do a haircut for your kid, immediately call to LumberJack Barberhouse cause we have the best prices in town!

  • Kid’s haircut 300 UAH

ЯрмаК успел и к нам зайти, и кофе выпить 😉

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