Create And Renew the Trends of Men’s Haircuts

Every little boy dreams to become an adult very fast, that’s not a big secret. Subconsciously children copy their parents’ lifestyle and behavior. So let’s direct this imitation to the right way, let’s engraft them the right habits that are related to a healthy lifestyle and quality care of themself from an early age?

Isn’t it boring to get a haircut in children’s hairdresser while watching an old dull cartoon? Such a fabulous thing to do is to visit a cool men’s club with a brutal and masculine atmosphere accompanying your dad. You won’t be bothered by a strange woman with scissors there. In a barbershop you will have a great ultra fashionable adult haircut in best traditions.

A children’s haircut for a boy is more than just cutting hair with a trimmer for us. It’s a special philosophy. There are no doubts that you will get a qualitative hairdress no matter if you are a child or an adult.

Every barber in our barbershop will easily do any modern and fashionable hairstyle for your child and will debunk a stereotype that the hairdressers for kids are dull.

If you still doubt where to do a haircut for your kid, immediately call to LumberJack Barberhouse cause we have the best prices in town!

  • Kid’s haircut 300 UAH


Starting from March, 29 we are going to be opened in Vinogradar district of Kyiv.
We are glad to present our atmosphere barbershop Lumberjack Barberhouse for residents of Vinogradar, Kurenyovka and Minkiy districts


ЯрмаК успел и к нам зайти, и кофе выпить 😉

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