World Health Organization March 11 officially announced that the global pandemic of coronavirus infection COVID-19 has come into the world.
On March 16, 2020, Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko announced the introduction of additional restrictive measures. Namely: the closure of the mall, hairdressers, spas, sports complexes, catering facilities.

The Lumberjack Barberhouse barbershop team understands the dangers of coronavirus infection and temporarily suspends the work of their locations until a separate order.

“Health is the number one issue. If you are in poor health, what is the use of talking about good work, good protection of rights, good education!”
Sarah McClendon (s)

Every day we receive requests from you with question  “Can you open just for me or cut my hair quietly?”

Considering that the quarantine has been prolonged, we understand that the option not get a haircut for another month is not an option, however, we comply with the law, and until the end of the quarantine our barbershops will be closed all over Kiev.

BUT we have great news for you – we open a field service:

✅ Our barbers will come to your home to make a cool haircut or beard

✅ will take care of cleanliness in your home

✅ will process the tool in your presence

✅ will arrive by their own transport

✅ work in masks and gloves

A few words about security: In this situation, everyone himself must balance the need to refresh the haircut with the risks that are possible for himself.

You can order the service by phone: 067 333 987 1 or online on this website