Osokorky is one of recent residential areas in the Kyiv city. It is located between the Dnieper, Nikolay Bazhan Avenue and Lake Vyrlitsa. Such an inhabited locality was included in the Darnitsky region less than 100 years ago, although, the first mention of it dates back to the 1070th year.

Life on Osokorky is quite hectic. High-rise apartment buildings are adjacent to concrete and glass office centers, as well as numerous bars, restaurants, coffee houses and clubs. At least 3 large lakes adjoin the microdistrict territory: Martyshev, Vyrlitsa, Tyagloye and a number of small ponds. Moreover, the Dnieper flows just beside of Osokorky.

The Lumberjack barbershop on Osokorky is located at Dneprovskaya Embankment 25 B, a 20-minute walk from the Osokorky metro station and 25 minutes from both Slavutich and Poznyaki stations. Furthermore, there are some bus stops in close vicinity to the building: City Permission Center and Anna Akhmatova Street. Convenient road interchange also gives you an opportunity to reach us using personal vehicle.

There are 8 armchairs for simultaneous customer service in a spacious, lightened room designed in the “Loft” style, having already become the calling card of our network.

Services in Barbershop at Osokorki

  • Men’s haircut.
  • Children’s haircut.
  • Haircut (fade).
  • Father + son.
  • Beard haircut.
  • Integrated haircut.
  • Royal Shave.
  • Gray hair camouflage.
  • Hair tattoo.

Furthermore, our foreman will be glad to answer all your questions, both advising on haircut and beard styles, and giving useful tips on haircare. They can also tell you about the barber culture history and the peculiarities of working as a barber.

We have done our best to prevent you from getting bored while waiting for your turn to haircut. You can drink some tea, coffee and even whiskey here, playing video and board games, communicating with a lot of agreeable people who visit our establishments and just relax on comfortable sofas, enjoying atmospheric music.

Like we said, Osokorky is a distinct with an extremely hectic life, so there will be no trouble to take your leisure time in the evening or find an appropriate place for a visit. Right after the haircut, you will be able to:

  1. Go for a stroll along the promenade or one of numerous well-equipped parks in close vicinity.
  2. Enjoy fresh seafood prepared according to original recipes in the grocery store and the “Chernomorka” restaurant.
  3. Try a stunningly large assortment of both dishes and drinks from different world cuisines, in the “Syto-Piano” restaurant, on a front.
  4. Evaluate dishes prepared using special technology, assuming the presence of both open fire and alcohol, in the “Flamber” restaurant.
  5. Choose one of the hookahs’ wide assortment and smoke it in the “SmoKING” hookah.

Whether or no, you will look perfect after a haircut in the Lumberjack barbershop wherever you go. Our masters will be on mettle.

Apply for a haircut to experience their qualification on your own.

Address: Ukraine, Kyiv, Dneprovskaya Embankment, 25B

Phone: +38-067-333-987-1