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Long before appearance of some special scissors, trimmers, gels and varnishes for hair styling and other attributes of the hairdressing craft, the right haircut always was at an important place in the men’s lives.

From the careless cutting excessive hair on the head and face by some improvised objects to classic men’s hairstyles invention have been the set of the centuries, however, at all times, every self-respecting man constantly watch out their appearance.

Each era had its own particular and unique style. Time passage focuses on practicality or aesthetics mainly, radically changing the types of men’s hairstyles, changing its basic direction.

Long hair in combination with light stubble, and a neat utilitarian haircut in conjunction with bushy beards were the fashion. The appearance of the first professional barbers and experts influenced on the decision adhere to optimal length men’s haircuts, because it allows you to get a ungrudging variety of hair styling, depending on the mood.

The history of men’s hairstyles always associated with some cultural and social changes in the world. For example, it is the French barbers once canceled craze wigs and supererogatory bouffant hairdos. Nascent capitalist society affected on the hairdressing later. Men relished the idea of a haircut making as easy as possible, so as not to waste precious time on hair care because of their busyness. This situation changed only during the Second World War.

Perhaps it is those global changes that hit the whole world and became a trigger to provide more attention to the beauty and aesthetics. The fashion for rock ‘n’ roll came in the sixties of the twentieth century, so that men’s hairstyles are no longer following any foundations and had a ball. Some haircuts has become not only an element of appearance, but also a demonstration of a certain way of thinking and individual citizenship.

Modern trends dictate different rules worthy appearance to men. Perhaps the most fundamental problem – have a suitable and beautiful hair. This is work of Barbershop Lumberjack, offering a refined and high-quality men’s haircuts in Kiev.

Collection of men’s hairstyles from is a great variety of styles, from classic and traditional way to bright and modern solutions. Professional hairdressers attach importance to every small insignificant detail, creating from a banal haircut adjusted, thin and stylish product of hairdressing.