Men’s haircut “pompadour” – an interesting model of hairstyle

haircut pompadour

Pompadour style in haircuts is considered to be one of the most widespread and varied. There are many interesting variations of this style, which has some unique features. However, regardless of the different variations, there is the basic concept to be always observed, which lies in wearing up hair from the face.

It’s worn above the forehead high enough. Sometimes hair can be pulled back or around the temples. Now men’s haircut “pompadour” is mainly chosen by young people. It’s really good on some guys and highlights the look.

Initially this model of hairstyle was named after the Marquise de Pompadour, who was a favorite of Louis the Fifteenth. She used the haircut at her time that has become associated with a special status and luxury. Eventually, special cream and wireframes have been used to create the hairstyle. That’s why the hairdo looked very large. Its dimensions are surely can be called extraordinary. Then special pads began to operate instead of the already familiar frames. The pads could be filled with hair, both natural and fake. They are used to create an additional volume. Modern Kiev Barbershop offers excellent conditions for all who want to cut your hair in this style. There are the necessary conditions and tools to do this. But the main resource of our Barbershop is certainly qualified personnel.

Thanks to it it’s possible to achieve wonderful results in almost any case. Despite the hair length, difficulty of the haircut and other extraneous factors, the result is excellent. Staff at the Barbershop for men possess perfect skills that allow them easily implement almost all of the ideas.

Over time, the hairstyle “pompadour” became more practical than it was previously. Currently pompadour is performed without using any additional frames and other things. Male version is very popular because it gives the appearance of a man a special flair. This hairstyle has a special power. But one can get it only if the haircut will be done by a bottom man.

In our Barbershop, men’s hairstyle and any other variants of haircuts, including pompadour, are performed by all the rules and with maximum accuracy. So every visitor is sure to remain happy. Hair retains its shape, the appearance and all of the major pluses as long as possible after the work of skilled masters.