Mowing «Marine» and all interesting features of that style

мужская стрижка канадка Once upon a time the Soviet seamen wore short hair, which used a fringe of the same length.
Along the edges were smooth border, which resembling a real rope. This haircut was really very popular, interesting and beautiful.

From this came the name of a shearing «cable haircut».

But over time, due to the funny case related to the arrival in Moscow of «Marine» hockey title, it was changed to «Marine».

And nowadays, this hairstyle is very popular.

Many men choose it. The main thing that did experienced professional haircut.

It was then that she must and will look stylish and memorable, will be a real pride of its owner.

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Now the «Marine» men’s haircut is considered one of the most common options.

It has once again become fashionable recently.

If competently perform haircut in accordance with the basic rules and requirements, you can achieve very attractive results.

In 1972 year was really important friendly match between hockey teams of Canada and the USSR.

All «Marine» hockey players had approximately the same haircuts that were enough short.

Behind the back of the head, each was clipped with semicircle rather than a straight line.

Now let’s say a few words about the above-mentioned case, due to which a haircut has changed its name.

What can I say? Of course, not all the players, but nice haircut more will not hurt anyone!

It was a kind of zest. Due to the large number of «Marine»s entered the adventure history, and left behind the fashion for such hairstyles.

They became known as a «Marine».

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Guarantee the accuracy, appeal and the other obvious advantages.

At one time, such a haircut was very popular in many of the Soviet hairdressing.

She is also deservedly quite demands amongst many men, but it is better to do it in the Barbershop.

There are many other popular hairstyles, but «Marine» hairstyle has the most popularity.

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