Obolon is one of the most prestigious areas of the Kyiv city. A present-day architecture, clean air, a large amount of free space, a great deal of ponds and convenient interchange make this area extremely comfortable and convenient. Our barbershop is located at Obolonskaya embankment 19, building 3.

You can get there on foot from the Obolon station in 20 minutes, although, the best way is a surface transportation: private or public. For instance, our barbershop can be reached from the Children’s Academy of Arts stop on Heroes of Stalingrad Avenue in just 5 minutes.

The number of seats in the Lumberjack spacious premises of the Obolon branch allows you to serve 6 Customers simultaneously. The room design is indistinguishable from other establishments in our chain.

You will immerse yourself in the welcoming atmosphere created in the Loft style with wood and metal trim by the sumptuous designer by visiting us. Cozy sofas, a variety of both video and board games, as well as drinks of strength varying degrees: from own coffee to good whiskey will bear your company.

Services in Barbershop at Obolon

  • Men’s haircut.
  • Children’s haircut.
  • Haircut (fade).
  • Father + son.
  • Beard haircut.
  • Integrated haircut.
  • Royal Shave.
  • Gray hair camouflage.
  • Hair tattoo.

Our barbers will give ear to all your desires with a great relish, both advising and assisting you in picking a unique style even if you are not able to decide which haircut gives you the best fit.

We advise you to visit one of many Obolon establishments after a haircut. After visiting the barbershop, you will have the opportunity to:

  1. Visit the “Argentina Grill” restaurant and enjoy a wide range of dishes cooked over an open fire using the Argentinean grill parilla.
  2. Try spicy Latin American dishes at the “ROJO OJO” Restaurant.
  3. Give consideration to every detail of a unique author’s interior in the “Tiramisu” bar.
  4. Pick one of 15 coffee drinks at “Goof Stay Cafe”.
  5. Enjoy a wonderful view at dinner in one of the many restaurants at Obolonskaya Embankment.

You will look irresistible in any institution/ party/  dinner party if visiting us first. We will be glad to see you in season and out of seas in each of our branches and you will unambiguously become a loyal customer, having visited us once.

Apply for a haircut to experience their qualification on your own.

Address: Ukraine, Kyiv, Obolonskaya Embankment, 19/3

Phone: +38-067-333-987-1