Poznyaky is one of the most densely populated areas of the Kyiv city having an extremely high building density. There is very little green here, unlike the older city parts. Instead, there is a huge number of high-rise buildings, including the tallest residential buildings in the Kyiv city: 130-meter and 38-stored “houses with a crown.”

One of the Lumberjack BarberHouse barber shops is located at Alexandra Mishugi, 7A Street. The men’s hairdresser is located on the 2nd floor of the shopping center. The Poznyaky metro station can be reached in just 5 minutes from here. Both Kharkivska and Osokorki metro stations are also within walking distance.Furthermore, our barbershop is a 2-minute drive from Nikolay Bazhan Avenue, which means there is no trouble to visit us using your personal transport.

The unique atmosphere created by the interior design in the loft style is waiting for you here, as in other branches of the Lumberjack Barber House chain. All the visitors feel themselves as comfortable as possible in the spacious room of a man’s hairdresser with good lighting. Both pleasant music and friendly staff will leave you indifferent.

The number of seats in the room allows barbers to serve 7 customers at once. You can drink a mug of our signature coffee or a glass of good whiskey while waiting for the haircut. Moreover, you will find a wide range of board games, as well as the Sony PlayStation, with numerous discs in our waiting area. You can just lie on oars after a working day, sitting on a comfortable sofa in the company of agreeable company.

The most friendly and sociable barbers are dealing with us. They are true masters of their craft. You can take success for granted — a perfect hairstyle/beard and, moreover, fun to talk. Barber will be keenly observant to all your desires, as well as answering all questions and assisting in your new haircut.

Services at Poznyaki Barbershop

  • Men’s haircut.
  • Children’s haircut.
  • Haircut (fade).
  • Father + son.
  • Beard haircut.
  • Integrated haircut.
  • Royal Shave.
  • Gray hair camouflage.
  • Hair tattoo.

There is no shortage of interesting places and institutions at Poznyaky, despite the fact that this is a residential area. You will have the following opportunities after visiting the Lumberjack hairdresser:

  1. Enjoy coffee in a homely atmosphere, with lots of interesting books and delicious desserts, at the “Red Berry Coffee House”.
  2. Feel the sea flavor by tasting a dish of a wide range of seafood in the restaurant of the Black Sea.
  3. Taste a variety of wines and a huge variety of snacks at the “Prosciutteria Wine and Deli” wine bar and gourmet shop.
  4. Feel both aromas and taste of real Italy, having tasted an Italian cuisine, made from natural products, in the “Plate” gastro-cafe.
  5. Try unique dishes prepared by the cook in the 3rd generation in the “Kuhmeister” restaurant.

A great deal of interesting places where you can go await you at Poznyaky. You can go alone, or invite the girl on a date. We will do our best to make you look perfect wherever you are.

Apply for a haircut to experience their qualification on your own.

Address: Ukraine, Kyiv, str. Alexander Mishuga, 7a

Phone: +38-067-333-987-1