The Teremky residential community is located in the Goloseevsky district, next to the Goloseevsky national natural park. In spite of the fact that that Teremky residential areas began to be built the other day (in the 80s of the twentieth century), it is a lovely area with a hectic life at present.

A branch of the Lumberjack barbershop chain is located at Mikhail Lomonosov Street, 48. It can be reached on foot from the Vystavkovyi Tsentr metro station in 15 minutes and from the Teremky station in half an hour. Moreover, you can visit us at an easy rate by car thanks to convenient road interchange.

A spacious, lightened room for customer service 7 people will accept you with open arms in our barbershop on Teremky. You will be encompassed with care and attention by friendly staff and agreeable visitors visiting our establishments not only to get their hair cut or to have a shave, but also to make a time of it.

Utterly all the conditions have been embodied for this. You can take a rest after a hard-working day, sitting on comfortable sofas and waiting for a haircut. Varied drinks will be offered by our employees: coffee, refreshment, alcoholic and others, for your choice. Moreover, you can have a splendid time playing enthralling table or video game.

Sure enough, our barbers will not omit reference. Each of them is a neat craftsman.

Services in Barbershop at Teremki

  • Men’s haircut.
  • Children’s haircut.
  • Haircut (fade).
  • Father + son.
  • Beard haircut.
  • Integrated haircut.
  • Royal Shave.
  • Gray hair camouflage.
  • Hair tattoo.

You can go for a stroll around the district after the master arranges your hair. We are sure, you can find a great deal of places and institutions here, a visit to which will relieve your evening. At Teremky you have an opportunity to:

  1. Enjoy nature, fresh air and rich landscapes in the Feofaniya Garden Park.
  2. Visit a party in Indigo — the atmospheric restaurant serving delicious dishes, own cocktails and karaoke.
  3. Try unusual dishes of Japanese, Asian and Thai cuisine in the Murakami restaurant.
  4. Go to the cinema in both shopping and entertainment Magellan center.
  5. Visit the GB hookah having a huge tobaccos’ choice, professional hookah men and barkeepers.

You will look great after a haircut in the Lumberjack barbershop in any establishment. Our barbers will help you find your unique and inimitable style that you have been looking for so long.

Apply for a haircut right now!

Address: Ukraine, Kyiv, Lomonosova str., 48

Phone: +38-067-333-987-1