The Vynohradar (right side of Kyiv) is associated with good ecology, numerous trees and other greenery, Khrushchev buildings adjacent to new residential complexes and a forest within walking distance. This is one of the most peaceful and comfortable areas of the Kyiv city for life, being located on the northwestern outskirts of the city.

Previously, vineyards occupied more than 50 area hectares, so it got its name. Nowadays it is a cozy sleeping area, where there are a great deal of interesting places in spite of its external unremarkability.

One of the Lumberjack barbershops is located at Vishgorodskaya Street 32\2. There is no metro within walking distance from the establishment, but there are bus stops nearby: Priorskaya street and Makeevskaya street. Moreover, a convenient transportation allows you to reach us by car without any troubles.

Upon arrival, you will find a spacious room with a design in the Loft style, as in many other branches of our network, decorated with both natural wood and metal. 7 armchairs for simultaneous customer service are installed in the barbershop.

Furthermore, there are a lot of comfortable sofas where you can have good time, waiting for your turn to cut. A variety of drinks: refreshments, coffee and spirits, as well as a wide range of board games, PlayStation and the very atmosphere of the institution, for which we are really enjoyed by Customers will not let you get bored.

Services in Barbershop at Vynohradar

  • Men’s haircut.
  • Children’s haircut.
  • Haircut (fade).
  • Father + son.
  • Beard haircut.
  • Integrated haircut.
  • Royal Shave.
  • Gray hair camouflage.
  • Hair tattoo.

You can go for a stroll in the well-equipped park with a lake or visit one of the atmospheric establishments after a haircut. For instance:

  1. Try a great deal of any classic and alternative coffee drinks and desserts at the “Balcone Coffee Bar”.
  2. Choose one of the original dishes’ wide assortment of Hungarian, Greek and Sicilian cuisine, from the “Mansard” restaurant chef.
  3. Enjoy the clean air, beautiful nature, and one of the “Fortetsya” suburban restaurant complex unique dishes.
  4. Smoke one of the delicious hookahs, and try original dishes, playing board games in the “Oblaka Lipnika” atmospheric hookah.
  5. Dine in a relaxed atmosphere at “Jam Cafe”, an establishment located in the very center of the sleeping area and serving European, Asian and Ukrainian cuisine.

You can visit the club, restaurant or hookah. Be sure that you will attract attention in any environment with a perfect hairdo and well-groomed beard. Our barbers will do their best to make your appearance as stylish and memorable as possible.

Apply for a haircut to experience our qualification.

Address: Ukraine, Kyiv, Vyshgorodska, 32/2

Phone: +38-067-333-987-1