The Barber School is an opportunity to get a new profession and become a part of a culture, which is rapidly gaining its popularity and is developing in our country. It’s an opportunity to change your life and start earning with your own hands, making invaluable product – the beautiful people.

A peculiarity of the school is that you are not being taught in a separate closed classroom, but you are among the masters and delve into the details of the process. You touch the knowledge in direct sense. You’re not alone in the battle with the unknown, the experienced masters are with you, who share their experience, opinion and knowledge with you.

That’s why it’s real to become a successful and popular master, to become a team’s member of one of the largest network of barbershops in Kiev. Start today and don’t wait until tomorrow.

What you will receive, learn and practice:

– professional skills of working with male forms of haircuts;

– basic techniques of working with scissors and hair clipper;

– various methods of cutting the beard;

– types of cosmetic products for the men’s hair caring and for the head’s skin;

– technique of work with unsafe shaver and shaving techniques in general;

– the best students will be employed in Lumberjack Barberhouse, and there you will be able to have a competitive salary and a career growth.